DroneKiri is a personal project that I have wanted to work on for a long time, and since I come up with all the content and design on this website, I’ve grown very fond of it. A lot of my time has gone into this project, so you can imagine how close this one is to me.

The name DroneKiri is inspired by Khmer/Cambodian origins- where Kiri means mountain summit.

As a resident expert in the field of digital photography, aerial imagery, and video editing, I have been working in the tech industry for over 5 years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge in the field. I take pride in sharing this knowledge through detailed buying guides and tips for both beginners and experienced photographers on our website.

Dronekiri is a platform where I- as a resident expert, take full responsibility for all the buying guides and tips I offer related to drones and photography aimed at both beginners and experienced folks.

At DroneKiri, I believe that photography is not just a hobby but an art form. As such, we focus on providing information on the latest camera equipment such as drones, lenses, tripods, and microphones to help you capture the perfect shot. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your camera needs.


I have learned many things while being involved in a career around digital cameras, drones, and recording equipment, and to this day- I am still learning something new every day.

This is probably not that relevant to the site, but my free time is spent playing instruments (strings/ percussion), sketching/painting (I work with graphite/ acrylics & digital media), coding (which is also how I earn when I am working on some freelance project), learning about drones & photography, and writing about things I find interesting.

I like working on breadboards and at present, I love working in DIY Layout Creator by Bancika. I am also very interested in all things aerial- and if there’s a new Medium article that describes how quadcopters have gotten over their design flaws, I’ve probably already read it.


The site is made with WordPress (which uses a SQL database and PHP in the backend- at least, as far as I know) & my favorite theme- Noto Simple. This lets me focus on things related to content without worrying about the readability and design aspects.

I am also working on a NodeJs project that I will use on this domain some day in the future but frankly, I haven’t got that much time to make it production-ready.

Goals & Directions for DroneKiri

I started DroneKiri as a site to share information and tips and tricks related to drones. I also love cameras and photography as an art form, so instead of making a separate website for photography-related stuff, I decided to include that here as well. So, for the time being- this site is going to be about drones, photography, Youtube tips and gear reviews.

I also plan to include DIY drone Instructables and schematics in the future- but that’s probably going to take some time.

I started this website to share information, but over time, I’ve realized that I am also the one learning when researching the latest drone models. It is exciting to learn about new features that quad-copters are offering, and I think I won’t ever grow bored of writing about drones.

As much as I would like to post hundreds of articles here, I think it would be a better idea to have long and meaningful posts rather than short ones that lead nowhere and help nobody. I’ve set a milestone of about 100 awesome posts for DroneKiri which should probably take me about 2-3 years to finish. It’s going to be a long-term project!

Want to Get in Touch?

You can send me a mail at contact@dronekiri.com or you can visit our Contact Us page and send your message.