Flying a drone in the rain is something that you may have wondered about. Is it safe to do so? More importantly, what happens when you fly a drone in the rain?

It is most preferable to fly a drone on a good sunny day when the sky is clear. But the weather might suddenly change and is not always the same as the forecast shows. In such a scenario, if it spontaneously rains while you’re out with your drones, we have a guide for you on what to do.

In this short post, I will walk you through what happens when you fly a drone in the rain, and if you should, so you don’t risk your drones while out in the drizzle. Let’s get started!

Can you fly a drone in the rain?

Flying drones in the rain depends on the drone that you’re using. There are plenty of drones that get damaged by rain whereas, there are waterproof ones too.

flying a drone in the rain

You may also like to shoot videos and photos of rain through your drone. If your drone is a budget one like Mavic, chances are- it’s not waterproof. You’re good to go if you’ve got a Phantom drone but you should always check the labels and specifications on the box to see if the drone can handle getting soaked in the rain.

You can also fly a drone from inside your car– it’s kind of tricky, but if you read all about it, you can make an informed decision.

How does rain affect drones?

If your drone gets caught off-guard in rain, be sure to land it down immediately. If it gets wet by any chance, you need to keep your drone in raw rice after taking off batteries and parts. It will soak water from the drone.

It’s also an easy way to ensure that no moisture has remained inside the drone- this can cause lots of problems later on.

waterproofing your drone to fly in the rain

If the water has remained in the circuit board, it eventually corrodes the electrical components if it hasn’t already. If you’ve gotten unlucky as to have your drone drenched in the rain, you should take the batteries off that drone immediately and refrain from powering it on till you are absolutely certain that the insides of your drone are completely dry.

Personally, I like to give the circuit board a quick wipe with Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA); this is also used to clean smartphone screens and any internal circuitry so you don’t have to worry about any pesky residues that might cause trouble later.

How to protect drones from rain?

What’s better than a cure? Prevention, of course! The easiest way to make sure that your drone isn’t damaged by the rain is to get it waterproofed.

protect a drone from the rain

The first easy way to waterproof your drone is to disassemble the components and cover the layer of the motherboard with silicone without covering ports and sensors. Silicone sealants are very effective at closing any gaps- and it should keep your drone safe from water for a good amount of time.

The next option is to get your drone a wet suit. It may not be as effective as coating with silicon but as the saying goes, something is better than nothing.

How to find the IP rating of your drone?

Another thing you need to consider before flying your drone in rain is its IP rating. IP rating shows the level of protection of the electric device, against solid and liquid particles. IP codes also record the proportion of protection of electronic components.

IPX_Codes_Explanation_Chart for drones

To find international protection for your drone, you can look at the box or the drone body.

Sometimes, brands don’t go through the hassle of getting their products IP certified in order to lower the costs- in such cases, you can check the labels to see if the products are water-resistant.

Closing Thoughts

Weather is not the thing people can avoid all the time and you may get unlucky while going out. Even if you’re a good pilot with lots of experience, uncertain things can happen. Therefore, one needs to be alert and conscious and be prepared for every weather and for the worst synopsis.

One thing drone lovers need to do is ensure their drone is waterproof. Doing so can avoid damage to the electrical circuitry and save you from spending tons of money on the repair and instead, focus on flying the drone merrily.

If you are a beginner and need some help choosing a drone, you will find this post on choosing the best budget drone for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drone can I fly in rain?

You can fly the Matrice 200 series, PowerVision PowerEgg X, Goolsky Q353 Triphibian Quadcopter, or some other even in the rain. Drones that are water-resistant do tend to cost a bit more than ones that aren’t, so you should be prepared.

What happens if a drone gets wet?

Once your drone gets wet in rain then it will highly affect its battery and its electric parts will get corroded. It is best for you to protect your drone even from the slightest water or better yet, use a waterproof drone.

How long should I keep my drone in rice?

There is no time limit. You can take it off when you are sure all the moisture is absorbed by the rice and assemble all the parts afterward.

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