Looking for a decent-quality drone that can capture stunning aerial footage? Look no further than the SG900 drone! This sleek and stylish quadcopter under $400 boasts a range of impressive features, from its foldable design and dual cameras to its stable flight and intuitive control system.

But how does the SG900 drone stack up in real-world use? That’s what we’re here to find out. In this SG900 drone review, we’ll take a closer look at everything this RC drone has to offer, from its flight performance and camera quality to its ease of use and overall value. So whether you’re a seasoned drone enthusiast or a beginner looking to get started, keep reading to find out if the SG900 drone is right for you!

Product specifications:

  • Color: Classic black
  • Type: Dual camera optical flow quadcopter
  • Folded size: 18×14×4 cm
  • Unfolded size: 29×29×4 cm
  • Build material: ABS
  • Gyroscope: 6-Axis
  • Battery capacity: 1100mAh / 1600mAh Lipo Battery (Optional)
  • Flight time: 1100mah – about 10mins, 1600mah – about 20mins
  • Charging time: 240 minutes
  • Camera: 1080P
  • Channels: 4 Channels
  • Control method: Remote controller / App
  • Remote control: 2.4GHz control
  • Remote controller distance: 300m
  • WIFI control distance: 80m

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Design and Build

Upon first glance, you’ll notice that the SG900 is a foldable drone. Although its design is not the sleekest on the market, its compact form makes it highly portable and a perfect travel companion.

One of the most notable drone features of the SG900 drone is its lightweight, coming in at just over 200g. This feature is particularly important for those residing in countries such as the UK, Canada, or USA, where ordinary drones weighing over 250g must be registered. As the SG900 falls below this weight limit, no registration is necessary. Note that regulations vary by country, so check your local drone laws and rules before making a purchase.

Regarding the construction and design of its body, the SG900 drone is built with ABS material and features a sturdy build, allowing it to withstand minor crashes without sustaining serious damage. It comes in two colors, black and white, with the black version offering a more futuristic look that matches the color of the controller.

Moreover, the SG900 drone is equipped with brushed motors. Although brushless motors are generally more powerful and durable, brushed motors are cheaper, easier to repair or replace, and have lower noise levels. 

Another design feature is its LED lights beneath each rotor, which serve a dual purpose—facilitating night flights and indicating when the drone is fully calibrated.

Dual Camera Capabilities

The camera is an essential component of a drone, as it allows the user to capture stunning aerial photos and videos that would be otherwise impossible or difficult to obtain. Although the camera of the SG900 is not the best, you can still expect decent photos and videos from the drone. 

The SG900’s camera is capable of capturing 1080p footage, and you can manually adjust view angles up to 45°. It also boasts a 120° FOV that can provide a wider range of view to capture more details in every shot and a gesture photo and gesture video system for convenience. It would’ve been better, though, if the drone allows for remote control angle adjustment instead of manual adjustment.

The SG900 also does not come with a micro SD card slot, meaning the video and images will be recorded on your phone. And while the video streaming quality is decent, staying well within the FPV transmission range of around 80 meters is recommended to shoot high quality images and videos.

Battery Life and Flight Time

The SG900 drone is powered by a 7.4v 1100 mAh lipo semi long ljfe rechargeable battery located on the belly of the drone. The battery provides a flight time of around 10 minutes, which may not be enough for some drone pilots who want to extend their flying time. Fortunately, users have an option to upgrade to a 1600 mAh battery capacity, which can provide up to 20 minutes of flight time. The SG900 drone also has low battery protection with light stream system to land safely.

To avoid interruptions during flights, we highly recommend purchasing extra aa batteries regardless of capacity, as recharging can take a significant amount of time. Keep in mind though that while batteries with higher capacities offer longer flight times, they may also be heavier and bulkier, which can impact the drone’s performance.

When selecting batteries, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with the drone’s specifications and to only purchase from reputable sources. It’s recommended to use batteries tested and approved by the manufacturer or a third-party source.

Remote Controller

The design of the SG900 remote control for this drone is simple and elegant. One notable feature is that it doesn’t require any batteries, eliminating the need to constantly replace them. It can be charged easily, and the compact size fits comfortably in users’ hands. The surface is also ergonomically designed, providing a comfortable touch.

The power button is located in the center of the device, and LED indicators are placed on top of it. The controller also includes buttons for photo, video, landing, and speed modes. The antenna and phone holder are designed to match the style of the drone, and they fold neatly for convenience. However, the antennas are not functional and can only be used to help the remote stand upright on flat surfaces.

On the back of the controller, you’ll find the Headless Mode and One-key take-off buttons. Unfortunately, the connection between the controller and the drone is not the strongest, so you may experience some interference or unintentional movements.

Additionally, some users have reported losing the joystick during their first flight, which suggests that the remote control could have been better constructed.

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sg900 drone

Flight Performance

The SG900 drone is known for its stable flight performance and ability to maintain a steady altitude. It is an excellent choice for beginners because of its ease of flying and offers a couple of speed modes that are simple enough to handle.

However, the SG900 drone is relatively light, so it may not hold up well in windy conditions. It’s best to fly this drone on calmer days or in areas with minimal wind.

In addition to its stable flight performance, the SG900 drone is equipped with a six-axis gyro stabilization system, which helps ensure smoother and more precise flights. 

The drone also has an altitude hold feature, making it easier for beginners to control its height. It allows the drone to hover in place at the desired altitude without any additional input required from the pilot. With the altitude hold feature, beginners can focus on other aspects of flying the drone without worrying about losing control of the height. 

Apart from its stable flight performance and altitude hold feature, the SG900 drone also boasts a relatively long range, making it a great choice for those exploring larger areas. 

Additionally, the drone equipped with a Return-to-Home function ensures the drone returns to its take-off point automatically if the battery is running low or there’s a signal loss. This feature provides peace of mind to pilots, knowing that they can retrieve their drone safely in case of an emergency.

Other Features

The SG900 drone comes with a range of advanced features that enhance its flying capabilities and make the overall experience more enjoyable. One such feature is GPS, which provides an accurate drone position on the app and ensures a more stable and cool flying experience.

In addition to GPS, the SG900 drone offers three smart flight modes: Orbit Mode, Tracking, and WayPoint. With Orbit Mode, the drone accurate lock onto a point of interest and orbits around it from a height and distance you choose. This feature is ideal for capturing panoramic footage of landscapes or buildings.

Tracking, on the other hand, allows the drone to lock onto your smartphone and follow you wherever you go. This feature is perfect to record videos of yourself during outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, or running.

Orbit Mode is another one of the drone’s smart flight modes. In orbit mode, the SG900 drone uses light stream algorithm to lock onto a point of interest and slowly orbit that position from a distance and height of your choosing.

WayPoint is another smart flight mode that allows you to draw a designated target flight path on the drone app, and automatically the drone will fly along that route and return home. This feature is great for planning specific aerial photography or videography routes.

All of these smart flight modes make it easier to capture stunning footage and aerial photographs without worrying about controlling the drone’s movement.

Tips When Flying the SG900 Drone

Read the Manual Thoroughly

The manual contains specific instructions on how to set up the drone, calibrate it, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during operation.

By thoroughly reading the manual, you can avoid potential mistakes that could damage the drone or cause accidents during flight. For example, the manual will often include information on the drone’s maximum altitude and recommended flying conditions, which can help prevent the drone from being flown too high or in dangerous weather conditions.

Additionally, the manual can provide important safety information, such as how to properly handle the drone’s battery and avoid interfering with other aircraft or people. Understanding these safety guidelines can help prevent injuries and ensure a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

Disable Any Mobile Device Notification

When flying a drone, you must be fully focused on operating it and monitoring its flight path. Notifications from incoming calls, messages, or other apps can cause you to lose focus, leading to flying accidents.

Additionally, notifications may cause interference with the drone’s remote control signals, leading to loss of control or erratic flight behavior. 

By minimizing distractions and potential interference, you can improve your overall safety and enjoyment while flying your SG900 drone. Remember, safety should always be your top priority when flying any type of drone.

Experiment With Different Camera Angles

Experimenting with different camera angles can help you capture unique and interesting shots you might not have considered before. By changing the camera’s angle shooting, you can capture a different perspective of the landscape or subject, making your footage more engaging and visually appealing.

Moreover, different camera angles can tell a story and convey a specific emotion or mood. For example, low-angle shots can make a subject appear more powerful and imposing, while high-angle shots can make a subject appear smaller and more vulnerable.

By taking the time to do an experimentation with different camera angles, you can expand your creative abilities and add variety to your ordinary drone footage. 

Practice Makes Perfect

A useful tip for improving your drone flying skills is to practice regularly. Like any skill, flying a drone requires practice to master. Start by practicing basic maneuvers in an open, safe area with minimal obstacles, and gradually work your way up to more complex flying techniques.

Another helpful tip is to fly in different weather conditions and lighting situations to become familiar with how the drone behaves in various environments. This can help you feel extra prepared and confident when flying in less than ideal conditions.

It’s also essential to follow all safety guidelines and regulations when flying, such as avoiding flying near airports, populated areas, or sensitive wildlife habitats. By practicing safe and responsible drone flying habits, you can help ensure the safety of others and avoid any potential legal issues or fines.

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